• Sara Jolena

Bring your ReMembering to your Meditation

Updated: Sep 20, 2017

There are a lot of different ways of reMembering. Try bringing the past to your meditation.

Why bring history to your meditation? (Or whatever other spiritual practice you have, from whatever tradition.)

Well, where else are going to go with it? There is only the here and now: that includes the past.

“There is only the here and now; that includes the past.”

Sure, it sounds strange, bringing the past to a spiritual practice that is focused on the present moment. But even that confusion is conflating the past and the present in ways that are not accurate. Linear time is such a strange notion. There is only the Now. And yet the past influences the present. And yet there is only the Now.

I'm curious as to what others think about how the past and the present intersect in contemplative traditions and practices that focus on the Now. I might have a Buddha on the image of this post, but I'm not only referring to Buddhism: many contemplative traditions, and some cutting edge science and contemporary philosophers, indigenous elders and artists, are engaging with these ancient questions of the now.

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