ReMembering for Life Part I

In-person in NYC

6 sessions over 6 weeks

House of Friendship, Bronx

Our Stories are Somatic

Memory lives in our bodies.

Memory reverberates in our cities.

  These histories shape infrastructure, streets, churches, social strata. 

They are in our food, our soil, our Selves.

The time has come to ReMember...

in person

Put away your screen.

Build your NYC community in person.

Give your body the respect it deserves.

April 11- May 16, 2019


First Meeting: Thursday April 11, 2019

The House of Friendship

At Our Kitchen Table:

The Heart of Goodness

In a beautiful brownstone 

Dedicated to cultivating community

In the heart of the historic Motthaven district in the South Bronx on the Lexington Line

25 minutes from Grand Central Station

What We Cover

Part I: Colonization as Origins of the  Anthropocene Age; 1400s-1500s

Session 1: Introducing ReMembering, origin stories, purpose, and embodied eco-feminist spiritual approaches

Session 2: The origins of race, displacement, and the legacies of slavery

Session 3: The Great European Witchhunts and ramifications for colonization and climate change

Session 4: The destruction of Turtle Island (aka the Americas); Music, eco-spirituality and climate change

Session 5: Integration Projects

Apply for the Course

All course participants must apply for the course via having a conversation with Sara Jolena. This is to ensure that we are a good fit. 

Email me using the form here.

In the 'subject',  just tell me why this course interests you and a good time to talk.



'Cuz this is a mutual investment: you invest your resources, including time, money, and your stories, in us - and we invest the same in you.



Plus, I don't want just anyone coming over to my home!

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Learning Circles

We travel on this historical journey

In and through our learning circle.

Our community

is as important

as our content.

Meeting weekly

Enables us to go deep together

To breath into our bodies

and into our sense of deep time

To circle

backwards and forwards in time.

In the learning circle

Not running away from our ancestors' actions

A whole Self

can emerge.

On this Journey

Deepen Friendships.

Cultivate Community.

Join together the histories that have kept us separated.

Deepen into your body's wisdom.

Five Sessions. Five Weeks.

till the ground for a

Lifetime of


Interview with Sara Jolena

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